Information for our foreign guests

Saint Petersburg is called the Cultural capital of Russia. Not without reason a first dressing service in Russia came into existence here.
We know that there are countries where dressing services are very popular. We also know that many t-girls go there specifically to be a girl, go out en-femme or get photshoots. Now we can list Russia as one of this counties.
We are glad to see guests from other countries here in our city. We would be glad to offer you our hospitality, to help you with finding accommodation and to organize unforgettable en-femme evenings for you.
Saint Petersburg is a beautiful historical city that receives a lot of tourists from all over the world.
Saint Petersburg city centre is full of places of interest, such as Nevsky prospekt, The Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac Cathedral, Mariinsky theatre.
You can also see many monuments of our city communist past: houses built in Stalin Empire style,House of Soviets on Moscow square, Saint Petersburg Metro (formerly known as  V.I. Lenin Order of Lenin Leningrad Metropoliten).
Near our city you can visit country estates, palaces and parks: Catherine Palace, it’s park and Imperial Lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin); Fountains, palaces and park of Peterhof; Beautiful park of Pavlovsk and many others.
Our city also has centres of modern culture such as Art-centre «Pushkinskaya, 10» and The museum and galleries of Contemporary art «Erarta».
Many cafe’s, clubs and restaurants in Saint Petersburg are open during the evening and all through the night. Our t-girl friends usually visit gay-clubs finding them safe and relaxing. Gay clubs of Saint Petersburg have a very friendly atmosphere and many genetic girls visit them to relax without persistent male interest. Sometimes there are so many girls in there that you could question whether you are really in gay club or not. Gay clubs host shows, some have travesty actors performing Russian or foreign popular songs.

Our city has a special taxi service. Cars of that company are driven by women that are tolerant of t-girls. We often use their services for our parties.

We can recommend you hotels, mini-hotels or flats for rent of different comfort levels paid by the day. You can book the hotel yourself or we can help you find accommodation in the city centre.
Our studio is happy to offer you a number of services:
— accommodation assistance;
— makeovers, photoshoots, make-up lessons, image advice;
— escorted trips, shopping, tours around the city (both en-femme and looking like your usual self);
— escorted trips to night clubs, restaurants, theatres.