Las primeras fotosesiones del queer-estudio «Tema» (7 fotos)

макияж для трансвеститов

Although photoshoot of Victoria was shot last winter we decided to publish some photos and write a little story about how it went.

We are coming to new era of queer studio “Theme” development. We are ready to upload new photos, but before sharing them we want to summarize all the material shoot before.

This year photos of our studio were exhibited on photo exhibition of International festival of Queer Culture. Polina took part in the exhibition as a photographer and some of the photos exhibited where taken from this photoshoot. When the need to create thematic studio became apparent we needed to shoot first trial photos to show results. Victoria became our first model.

Photoshoot took place during coldest part of last winter when snowdrifts were all around, it was cold and it was getting dark quite early.

We met around 19:00 and went to studio. We have much more comfortable place now, but at that time our studio was located in one quite famous in Saint-Petersburg (and in Russia too) but a really cold place. ;)

We all were quite cold, but heater and hot tea were real saviors.

макияж для трансвеститовBefore making her up we looked through the clothes Victoria brought with her. After analyzing which clothes would look good together Olga  started her magical work. Makeup process took about 1,5-2 hours.
Here are some photos of the makeup process. So called backstage ;)

Even though it was dark and cold outside the window the photoshoot was successful. And three photos from it were shown on a photo exhibition this summer. We consider that a success. Later we will publish a bigger article about the exhibition.

Here are some results of photoshoot:

Autor entrada: Polina