Queer-studio «T» estuvo en el festival Sparkle (Inglaterra)

So the Sparkle 2013 – one of the most important events of this year – has ended.

gay-villiageIt’s one of the few specialased festivals for transgender people.And we are glad that our studio took part in it. We had our own stand where we were showing our works, talked about our studio and communicated with people from different places and countries! People from all over the world were attending the festival – from UK, USA, Canda, Australia, Norway and many other countries!

Festival was held in it’s traditional place – Sackville Gardens in Manchester. Studio was represented by Polina and Becky. Becky charmed all by her perfect image. Her amazing makeup was done by Manchester makeup artist Jade Thorley http://jadethorley.co.uk/

Specially for this festival our studio prepared this leaflets using stereotypical Russian distinctive features: bears, Kremlin, matroshka doll and of cause the red star! :)

In addition to festival we had a great walk around the city center of Manchester with Becky en-femme. I can say that I almost fell in love with this city. The city were you can almost feel freedom from prejudice fill the air! You can see photos from our walk in Photosessions page of our site.

In hotel where we were staying almost half the guests were t-girls. )) In Saint Petersburg we can only dream about that!

People on the festival were very open. They were smiling and you could talk with them about anything that came to your mind!

I highly recommend to anyone liking to dress up to boldly travel to UK next year! This is an unforgettable experience! And of cause our studio would be glad to help you with the trip.

Official site of Sparkle festival is http://www.sparkle.org.uk/

We are glad to present you a short photo report from the festival!

Autor entrada: Polina