Fotos para el concurso Full Fashion Look (english)

Full Fashion Look is contest of stylists and imagemakers. The contest shares its grounds with the famous international beauty contest «Neva Shores».

At this contest a stylist completely creates a model’s image based on the latest fashion tendencies of the season. In order to rate the image there has to be submitted a written description (justification) of the image and studio photos taken in advance.. The model takes part in defile.

For the first time of the contest’s history one of the models was a transsexual. We invited Eugenia to act as a model in female category.

Below is the photoset prepared for the Full Fashion Look contest.
The image was created by the studio’s stylist Olga Zhgun and the photos were taken by Polina Zadirako.

Full Fashion Look - квир-студия "Тема" Full Fashion Look - квир-студия "Тема"
Full Fashion Look - квир-студия "Тема"

Autor entrada: Polina