X’Show 2012, Master-class and seminar by queer-studio «Тема», photo report

Out studio took part in the annual international erotic show for adult X’show. Within the exhibition frame we prepared a number of events: master-class of transformation from man into woman and the informational seminal of gender identity.

Please find below our photo report :)

For the transformation Master Class (MC) our stylist, Olga Zhgun, prepared the image of the young and stylish girl of worldly life-style. We see the girl as stylish, sexy, fun and sociable, an often visitor to fashionable parties and clubs. In order to show this MC we filmed the image in the studio in advance.

For this MC we invited Sasha to be our model. He is our good friend of ours who helps us in our work with the studio and gave his consent to this bold experiment – transformation!

Our workshop gathered many people and the whole process was filmed by the video project – СЕКС.РФ
During the whole MasterClass Olga kept commenting her actions. She described in details how she was doing the make-up, how to make the face features more feminine, how to hide the chin, make eyes look bigger etc.
The first part of the Master Class was the make-up. Once the make-up was over, we hid our model behind the curtain so Sasha could change the dress and transform into charming Alexandra. Then, when the dress complimented the new look, all we had to do was to add the accessories.

Olga told about how to choose the jewelry for your image, what jewelry is better for muscular hands and how to underline your harmoniously accomplished image’s best features with the help of accessories.
Alexandra strode around the exhibition proudly, eye-worshipped by the visitors. For some time we went into the street where the unaware bypassers stared at a cute tall girl. Probably the only thing which disclosed a genetic male in Alexandra was her tall figure and her masculine hands.

When in street, Alexandra answered her interview questions by СЕКС.РФ
We got lots of acclaims from the visitors and hope that soon we can prepare even more of interesting MCs.

June 1st, on the exhibition final day we held the informational seminar on gender identity.

Seminar was help in the conference hall. In the course of the seminar we explained what our studio is doing, who are the people that we work with and then we explained the main difference between transvestites and transsexuals, told what means the «transgender» word, which is new for some people.

«Transgenders» – is the general term for all the non-standard people from gender point of view.

Within the seminar everyone could gain the informational brochures of ЛГБТ-organization «Vikhod (outgo)» under the name «Myths and facts of transsexuals».

The workshop went quite vividly, we had a lot of questions to reply with pleasure. We see our mission as enlighten of the people regarding the transgender question, breaking down those stereotypes which are still kept in the society and that is why holding this seminar was especially valuable for us! We hope that many things became clearer to the people who visited our workshop.

Post Author: Polina