Lessons of a make-up transvestites

The lesson lasts 8 hours, is carried out within 2 days to 4 hours.

Individual makeup lessons by professional thematic makeup artist.

Makeup for transvestites has a number of substantial features, differentiating it from women everyday makeup. During the lessons you will combine theory with practice and write down necessary information. For the lesson to be most efficient we will develop individual makeup charts for you. You will be able to keep the charts and they will make a good referencing material for you.

Study plan:

– Skin care. Differences between male and female skin, caring for male skin, choosing right skin care products;
– Preparation of skin for makeup and removal of makeup ;
– Makeup tools;
– Analysis of your makeup bag;
– Review of professional makeup products required for thematic makeup;
– Selection and application of foundation;
– Working with concealers (concealing skin color flaws: five o’clock shadow or bristle hair, shadows under eyes, papulas, skin redness);
– Techniques for visual brow concealment;
– Correcting face shape and features – what tricks and products will help to feminize your face;
– Developing individual charts for application of blush, tanning powder, face shine;
– Eye makeup (development of individual chart for eye makeup, different ways of it’s application);
– Matching colors in eye makeup, eye shadow smudging;
– Using false eyelashes, spangles, strasses and other accessories;
– Lips makeup (correcting shape and volume);
– Selecting your makeup color range;
– Harmony in makeup – matching colors, harmony in makeup;

Cosmetic shopping.
The goal of cosmetic shopping is to select cosmetics for you from foundation to eyebrow pencil and to create optimal kit for creation of harmonious makeup (be it club makeup, evening makeup or everyday makeup).
When selecting cosmetics we take all in account : your skin type, natural color, personal style, face features and your wishes – they way you want to look and what you want to achieve with makeup.
Before going shopping we will analyze your cosmetics – we will see what can be kept and what we will need to buy. We will select color range, decide on main makeup products, make a list of of makeup to buy and tolls to apply it. We will work our budget, consider price range for makeup products, shopping route (including both usual shops and professional cosmetic shops). After this makeup artist escorts you on the shopping trip. We can also buy makeup for you without your presence if you wish.