Clothes shopping assistance

Escorted trips to women clothing shops, assistance in fitting and purchase.

We know perfectly well that buying women’s clothes and lingerie is a big problem for many transvestites and crossdresses. Most of them purchase clothes in internet shops. Main disadvantage  of this method of shopping is that photos provided by the sellers often don’t match the real look of the clothes. When you buy clothes it’s important to see fabric, it’s texture, it’s cut. So it’s ideal  if you can try clothes on. There are some bold crossdresses, that can ignore outsiders opinions. They can try on women clothing in shops. But unfortunately there are too few of them. For most even buying of lingerie is a big problem.

We are ready to help you and provide escorted trip to shop. You can choose where to go, while we offer advice on what and where could be bought in Saint-Petersburg and how much it costs.

We can go shopping with you or shop for you by your measurements.