Queer studio “Tema” on X’Show 2012, photographic coverage

Stand of Queer studio “Theme”

As you all know we took part in legendary international exhibition X Show 2012 for the first time. It is a well known eventb2b and b2c on erotic business market, where market professionals gather, deals are made, business seminars and master-classes are held and where producers and distributors can show their products.

Queer studio «Theme» took part in business program of the exhibition with it’s seminar about transgendered people and held master-class on transformation of a man into a woman. You can read about it in more detail here.

Interview for TV

To take part in X’Show we prepared slide-show from our photos, including studio photoshoots, backstages, festivals, trips and parties.

Our stand was colored in our corporate violet color. Thanks to that we were really standing out among our neighbor stands. People coming to exhibition to get to know queer studio “Theme” had an easy time finding our colorful stand.

On May 30 and 31 queer psychologist Inga Admiralskaya was working on our stand. We are closely working with her now and you can get a consultation from her on our site .

On this exhibition we got to know many colleagues, working in sex industry, including some from foreign countries.

For a number of days we were shot by photographers and television. We got a lot of attention. We hope this will be a good start to get on a new level.
We are glad to offer you some photos from exhibition :

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