Photoshoot for musicians in a Japanese rock genre

Recently queer studio “Theme” did a photoshoot of a music band. This musicians are not crossdressers or transvestites, but wearing women’s clothing is integral part of their music’s genre image. So we decided that this photos would fit our site well ;)

Group is called Rotting Project. They play in visual-kei genre, that is close to J-rock (Japanese rock).

At the moment J-rock music is quite popular in the world. Many people don’t understand the essence if J-rockers performances and their peculiar style visual-kei, but J-rockers have a lot of fans and followers, especially among informal youths, that likes to support this original challenge to the society.

Their repertoire includes musical compositions, so called covers – remakes of well-known musics with new arrangement and new style of performance, filled with Japanese colour.
Musicians that play in visual-kei style could be easily confused with transvestites or crossdressers. For them wearing clothes of the opposite gender is not a physical need, but an integral part of their scenic stage image. This is their way of showing their empotions, their picture of the world, and a way to attract attention to their creative work. Uniqueness and originality are peculiarity of their stage costumes .
Makeup was made by Olga Zhgun. Makeup and hair styling took about 4 hours, but it was not hard for musicians, because for them dressing up and hair styling – is a necessary, almost everyday (especially when there are concerts going on) process helping to create an appropriate mood and to play their special music.
Clothes and accessories for the photoshoot were brought by musicians themselves.



Post Author: Polina