Hero of our time – Milonna

Milonna is a curious character born from combining two names: Vitaliy Milonov and Madonna.

After deputy Milonov tried to prohibit Madonna’s concert in Saint Petersburg he was nicknamed Milonna .
Many photomanipulations using this character could be found in the internet. While Saint Petersburg’s club “Malevich” strted a show-program that uses this characters.

Vitaliy Milonov became famous as an authour of the famous law againt Propaganda of homosexuality, lesbianism and transgederness in Saint Petersburg. The law that violates some of the human rights.

LGBT organisations of Russia, including “Vyhod” are actively fighting against that law. You can find more information here: http://www.comingoutspb.ru/ru/projects/kampanyaprotivzakona

I decided to make a photoshoot on this matter along with an actress Mona Peperoni, that performs in the show in “Malevich” club.

You can find more information on the show-program, running in “Malevich” club here http://lustgalm.ru/mediablog/605-milonna

Here are the results! I hope you like our parody ))

Makeup artist: Lubov Andreeva
Model: Mona Peperoni



Post Author: Polina