About Us

polinaMy name is Polina. I am director and photographer of queer studio “T”


Our studio was founded in 2010, when me (photographer Polina Zadirako) with stylist and makeup artist Olga Zhgun decided to found first professional dressing service in Russia, naming it Queer studio “Tema”.

Since 2012 we went our separate ways and my studio changed name to queer studio «Т».

Since 2013 my studio changed format of it’s work and became international. I travel around the world a lot and work with people in different countries. Now I accept requests all year round.
And also we now advertise not as “Russian dressing service, but “dressing service from Russia” ;))
You can learn more on our guest performances page.

I’m often asked how I came into this field of work?

Of cause the idea to create this kind of studio didn’t come by accident. I’ve had interest in gender and gender identity for a long time. Being professional photographer I was looking for unusual ideas for my portfolio. While looking for a transvestite model I got to know a lot of people from that way of life. I became friends with some transgenders and transsexuals. My interest in this subject grew and I opened this new and interesting world. Then there came my studio and it’s services proved to be in high demand.


Фотограф Полина с клиенткой студии Жанной
Фотограф Полина с клиенткой студии Жанной

I’m extremely happy and I really love my work. Fulfilling dreams of many people (especially in Russia, where such services are virtually outlawed) I often hear words of sincere gratitude. This words give me strength to develop the studio further, to come up with new ideas and work harder.

I especially appreciate words of one of my clients, who said: «One day I spent with you in studio is more real to me then my whole life in Moscow».


I work with a number of specialists that are excellent professionals. They all have experience of working with transgender people. You can always find makeup artist through our studio, get in touch with master tailor or arrange a photoshoot.

I work in different countries and cities and I accept requests all year round. If there are enough requests from some place I come there. You can see our guest performances schedule on main page of our site.
You can learn more on our guest performances page.


In modern scientific meaning queer is defined as interdisciplinary field that combines sociology, philosophy, physiology, and other humanities.

In the simplest sense, the word “queer” refers to people that go beyond the standard template, the traditional understanding, including the patterns of gender, beauty, fashion and style. Queer is a person who takes himself/herself as what he/she is. Queer can not be beautiful or ugly, male or female, Queer can only be a queer person, individual. Queer is high humanism, with reverent attitude to any manifestation of identity.


Over the years our studio managed to take part in a number of exhibitions and festivals:

International festival of queer culture 2010, 2011, 2013, Saint Petersburg, Russia
International adult exhibition X’Show 2012, Moscow, Russia
Adult exhibition Es.Expo 2012, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Sparkle 2013 festival, Manchester, United Kingdom


We are glad to offer following services:

  • photoshoots and video recording
  • makeup
  • renting clothes for our photoshoots
  • makeup lessons
  • image «tryout»
  • clothes shopping assistance
  • escorted trips en-femme
  • creation of individually fitted clothes and footwear

VIP services

  • Turnkey evening or holiday arrangement
  • Thematic tours (Europe, America). Escorted trips to trans-friendly events, shopping in Europe, holidays en-femme.