Tours to Europe

This page is about tours from Russia to Europe. If you live in another country and would like the studio to come over read about our guest performances here.

Starting with May 2014 I’m accepting requests for individual escorted trips to Europe.

It could be:
– leisure tour with individual program, fully escorted;
– visiting some event (like festival or concert);
– shopping trip to Europe (en-femme or in male mode);
I can recommend following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy.
You can select the country yourself or ask for our advice.

Tours include:

  • Photo and video shooting, makeup, visits to restaurants, shops, clubs;
  • Pre-selection of places that are interesting for you and tolerant;
  • Looking for good bargains on air tickets;
  • Selecting and booking a hotel;
  • Advice on getting a visa;

Cost of escorted tour:
1.000 USD per day (we don’t charge you for arrival and departure days if you do not book escort services on them)

The cost includes:

– Makeup;
– Photo\video shooting;
– Clothes rental if needed;
– Interpreter if needed;
– Full escort during the day.
Empty days (when studio representative is abroad with you, but no services are booked or the services are cancelled) are 100 USD a day

Not included (you pay separately):
– Your travel and stay in hotel;
– Your food, entrance fees (including tickets for escorting persons), taxi fares, bills in restaurants, your purchases and other personal expenses.

Minimal tour length is 2 days, not including arrival and departure days. In some cases it’s possible to organize tours starting from 1 day in length. For example to countries located close to Russia, like Finland, Estonia, Lithuania etc


– To first clients from May to July 2014;
– We will keep updating a list of countries that have special rates on the trips to them;
– To providers of valuable information about interesting places, best shops and clubs. Or to people willing to take part in development of tour program ;)) Пишите, договоримся!!!

If you live in another country and would like the studio to come over read about our guest performances here, the costs and conditions are different as guest performances require different approach.