Escorted trips “en-femme”

Escorted trips “en-femme”

If you want to spend some time “en-femme” our studio is glad to offer you escorted trips.

The exact program of the trip depends on your wishes. We are glad to offer following programs:

 – Home session

We are well aware that people that have a little crossdressing experience are afraid to leave their own flats and even a simple walk sounds like an exciting adventure. If you are not self-confident yet, but would like some crossdressing experience then our home session program is just for you.

 – Walk around the city

We live in a beautiful city where you can wonderfully and safely spend time walking around the historical center, visiting cafes or shops on the way.  You will be able to feel yourself a real woman, get a full crossdressing experience and show yourself to the world.

 – Car trip

Some people are afraid to walk around the city crossdressed. Especially people whose height or other physical characteristics don’t let them present a passable feminine image. But they still want some crossdressing experience. In this case we can offer you trips around the city by car. We employ services of a special taxi company. Their cars are driven only by women. You would feel fully comfortable inside.

 – Dinner in a restraint or cafe

Going out to eat is one more way to spend time crossdressed, while being fully comfortable and not worrying about strangers glances on a street. You are free to select a place to go for dinner.

 – Night club trip

Night club is an ideal place for t-girl’s recreation. Of cause we visit only theme clubs. As Saint Petersburg has no trans-clubs we are going to gay clubs. You have no need to worry about non-traditional orientation of this establishments, as you will be in a female company. Traditionally there are a lot of real genetic girls visiting Saint Petersburg gay clubs to relax. Some clubs employ travesty actors and you can see a good thematic show.

Or maybe you have your own ideas for a trip program that you would like to implemet.


2000 rubles for the first two hours + 500 rubles for each hour after the first two.

Makeup, photoshooting, clothes rental are priced separately according to current price-list.

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