Photosessions T-girls

Elegant Jane in interiors of Gothic church

Яна – женщина-вамп, обольстительница, обладающая волшебными чарами. Ее образ  интерьере готической церкви сводит с ума.  Она столь сексуальна, подобно суккубу заманивающему...
25 June 2016

Wendy – violinist trans girl

Еще одна яркая фотосессия от Венди – образ скрипачки в готическом костюме. Кроме фотосессии, мы сделали и видео, которое должно вдохновить вас на столь же смелые идеи...
25 June 2016

Wendy motorcyclist

Венди продолжает радовать нас яркими и смелыми образами, настолько смелыми, что в этот раз для фотосессии мы использовали мотоцикл. #gallery-3 { margin: auto; } #gallery-3 .gallery-item...
24 June 2016

Rita in flowers

Представляю вам очаровательную Риту. Мы выбрали цветочный интерьер для проведения фотосессии, яркий и летний, как и характер нашей героини. #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4...
24 June 2016

Autumn walk with Wendy

Венди давно стала нашей постоянной гостьей! Все образы Венди делает со своей женой, они вместе придумывают идею, покупают одежду, парики, аксессуары, и даже приносят...
8 November 2014

Walk with Olga: photo and video

С Ольгой мы провели долгий и насыщенный день! С утра, встретившись мы отправились на место подготовки! Вскоре к нам присоединилась наш московский визажист Анастасия....
8 November 2014

Two Transformations: male to female and female to male.

Рады показать вам необычную фотосессию необычной пары! Девочку мы гримировали в мальчика, а мальчика напротив в девочку. Получилось неплохо! Ниже можно увидеть видео...
8 November 2014

Beautiful transgirl Inna

С Инной мы общались через интернет задолго до фотоссесии, и, надо сказать, что она сильно волновалась перед съемкой, но напрасно!  Получились хорошие фотографии, и мы...
8 November 2014

Charming transgirl Lisa

Лиза очаровательная москвичка. Мы встретились заранее, чтобы решить какие юбочки и кофточки мы будем использовать на съемке, только юбок мы отобрали целых 10 штук! Можете...
8 November 2014

Drag King transformation

 Наша студия проводит эксперименты не только в направлении M -> F, но и F -> M, то есть из девочки в мальчика! В арстистическом мире такие трансфрмации называются Drag kings....
8 November 2014

Photoshoot of Svetlana

Прекрасная модель Ольга из Москвы, она давно в т*еме и работать с ней было очень легко! Фотосессия у нас была запланировала внезапно, она позвонила мне и уже вечером мы...
8 November 2014

Beautiful transbride Becky

Бэкки давно мечтала об образе невесты, и вот, настало время для его воплощения. Подготовка началась накануне Хеллуина, поэтому, когда мы отправились по магазинам за...
31 January 2014

Moscow photoshoot of Angelina

We continue to show you photoshoots done on our trip to Moscow. Angelina was one of the few people to let us post her photos on our site. She visited us with her spouse and they took part in photoshoot together. The photoshoot was very amusing as we had to spend some time to get model in the mood and...
2 December 2013

Industrial photosoot of Angela

Angela’s photoshoot is result of our guest perfomance in Moscow. She is a real queer person, distinctive individual without gender labels. I belive that future is with people like her. She reflects the spirit of our studio, where all non-typical individuals can find place. Angelina suggested photoshoot...
28 November 2013

Венди: образ Алекса

Wendy is the winner of contest held by our studio. The objective of the contest was to invent art showcasing our slogan “We make real ladies out of regular men”. And she was author of the best poster idea! Wendy lives on Moscow, but made a special trip with her wife to Saint Petersburg to...
27 November 2013


Wendy is the winner of contest held by our studio. The objective of the contest was to invent art showcasing our slogan “We make real ladies out of regular men”. And she was author of the best poster idea! Wendy lives on Moscow, but made a special trip with her wife to Saint Petersburg to...
27 November 2013

Alexandra: part 3

Alexandra’s photoshoot provided so many photos that we are posting them in three articles. This is the last, third image. Alexandra in a gorgeous red dress with hoop skirt.
1 November 2013

Two make-up behind the scenes videos

Two make-up behind the scenes videos Here you would be able to see two videos of our makeup artists doing their work. In first, our makeup artist Luba is making up Alexandra. In the second one, Dasha is making female-to-male makeup. In the end of both videos you can see photos from photoshoot. We are...
28 October 2013

Manchester: walk with Becky

In Manchester we not only took part in Sparkle festival, but also had a wonderful walk sightseeing the marvelous city. UK is famous for it’s tolerance. It’s a very hospitable country with large and interesting history. It was incredibly easy and pleasant to walk around the city with Becky...
18 August 2013

Second image Alexandra

Continuation of Alexandra’s photoshoot as a bride. Here we can see her with a more day-to-day look, if such a thing could be said about such a charming trans lady ;)))
22 June 2013

Alexandra is bride

Alexandra’s wedding dress, luxurious image of the bride. We did a great photo shoot, and I want to show a part of the photo.
19 June 2013

Fotosession for Alya

Alya is trans ledy from Moscow. She came to studio with her wife. When they opened suitcase we said: “wow!”.
4 June 2013

Photosession for Irina

Irina is the person that translated our site into English. We got to know each other when she found our site and offred to translate it. Soon we became friends and now we work together. She’s very interesting person with a lot of hobbies. For example, she likes fantasy, computer games and anime. She...
14 March 2013

Bondage of T-bride

This person is hiding her name and face, but she’s our regular customer.  That day we had a memorable evening in a club with a lot of dacing and nice coctails. Then we went for a ride around night Siant Petersburg in a thematic taxi with a courteous lady driver. We finished the night in a lux...
15 February 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013 Artista de maquillaje Lubov Andreeva Modelo Agata
28 December 2012

Svetlana – the new t-girl

We got to know each other a couple of months ago and she was complete beginner in crosdressing at that time. But she had huge desire to transform and in about a mere month she changed from beginner to gorgeous woman before our eyes. Clubs, parties, shopping and lots of clothes became integral part of...
12 December 2012

Hero of our time – Milonna

Milonna is a curious character born from combining two names: Vitaliy Milonov and Madonna. After deputy Milonov tried to prohibit Madonna’s concert in Saint Petersburg he was nicknamed Milonna . Many photomanipulations using this character could be found in the internet. While Saint Petersburg’s...
24 September 2012

Our guest of the capital – Dasha

Dasha is our guest from Moscow. This is her first shotoshoot and she was very nervous. Nevertheless the results are quite good and she looks like a real beauty on the photos. After photoshoot we went for a walk. We decided to visit shoe shop on the way to buy shoes without heels. We saw beautiful red...
24 September 2012

Unusual photosession Ana-Maria

Ана-Мария – потрясающая красивая женщина, с необыкновенно интересной и тяжелой судьбой. Наша встреча с ней произошла спонтанно. В своей жизни ей пришлось пережить...
5 September 2012

The second photoshoot with Elza

By tradition, with Elza we are photographed, when we walk around the city, this time, except city walk, we decided to walk on shopping center. This first fotoshot with Elza #gallery-18 { margin: auto; } #gallery-18...
5 September 2012

Photos for contest Full Fashion Look

Full Fashion Look is contest of stylists and imagemakers. The contest shares its grounds with the famous international beauty contest «Neva Shores». At this contest a stylist completely creates a model’s image based on the latest fashion tendencies of the season. In order to rate the image there...
19 April 2012

Trans girl Selena

Photoshoot for a charming trans-girl Selena!      
11 April 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Dear friends!!! Our studio is happy to congratulate you all with a coming New Year! We wish you all happiness, health, success and beauty in the coming year! Remember that you all are stunning and beautiful girls. And let all, who still doubt that they are, overcome their fears and complexes in the...
30 December 2011

Second photoshoot of Anna Bia

We are glad to present you one more photoshoot of our regular client Anna Bia. Even though one of the photos from this photoshoot was already featured as “photo of the month” we are publishing a number of photos from this photo session. It’s Anna’s second photoshoot with us and she has also used...
26 October 2011

Photoshoot for musicians in a Japanese rock genre

Recently queer studio “Theme” did a photoshoot of a music band. This musicians are not crossdressers or transvestites, but wearing women’s clothing is integral part of their music’s genre image. So we decided that this photos would fit our site well ;) Group is called Rotting Project. They play...
13 October 2011

Evgenie in cafe

WithEugenewe wanted to take pictures of her shopping. The plot was simple – the beautiful trans-girl chooses bright dresses in a shop. But unfortunately we were unable to fulfill our plans in a Trading Centre we have chosen. Shooting everywhere was forbidden and all shops we asked for permissions refused...
23 September 2011

Photoshoot of Elza in Saint-Petersburg’s city center

Elza is our first international client. Elza is fromLatin Americaand is living in Saint-Petersburg for several years. She says that crossdressers inLatin Americahave more freedom then inRussia. But both in her home country and in Russia Elza freely walks around en-femme, shops and buys women’s clothes...
11 August 2011

Jeanne’s photosession (20 photos)

T-girl Jeanne is our regular client. In 1,5 years we work with her we became real friends. Now we celebrate holidays together, go to clubs, go on vacations. Jeanne uses professional makeup services every time she goes out for holidays en-femme. In her everyday life Jeanne is an ordinary man, so the feminine...
21 July 2011

Uni’s photosession (4 photos)

After recent site update we have again added photos of transsexual Uni, which many of you have already seen. Uni is young t-girl that is far on her way to transition now. Photographer Polina Zadirako Makeup by Olga Zhgun [Показать слайдшоу] ...
21 July 2011

Photosession of transgirl Anna Bia (15 photo)

Photosession of our friend Anna Bia. Photographer Polina Zadirako Makeup by Olga Zhgun #gallery-22 { margin: auto; } #gallery-22 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-22 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-22...
5 April 2011

The first photosessions of queer-studio “Tema” (7 photo)

Although photoshoot of Victoria was shot last winter we decided to publish some photos and write a little story about how it went. We are coming to new era of queer studio “Theme” development. We are ready to upload new photos, but before sharing them we want to summarize all the material shoot...
16 October 2010

Jeanne’s photosession (6 photos)

Here are some additional photos from one of Jeanne’s photoshoots. Photoshoot was not planned in advance, it happened spontaneously when Jeanne and her t-girl friend came to our studio to take a couple of photos. Her t-girl friend wanted to stay anonimous, so we are not presenting her photos. Makeup...
22 July 2010

Nastya’s photosession (14 photos)

This photoshoot took place quite suddenly even before we thought about creating “Tema” queer studio. It was very spontaneous, we just decided to take some photos to make acquaitance of each other. Results were quite nice. I must say that at the moment photographer didn’t try to make model look...
1 June 2010
Яндекс.Метрика Квир-студия «Тема» – первая в России студия дрессинг-сервиса, ориентированная на профессиональные услуги в сфере красоты, имиджа и стиля исключительно для трансгендеров. Магазин. Студия работает с трансвеститами, транссексуалами, кроссдрессерами и другими нетрадиционными с точки зрения пола и сексуальности, людьми. На сайте студии можно найти научно-популярные материалы о гендере, квир-теории, получить консультацию психолога. Транвестит ру. Услуги по дрессинг-сервису, создание женского образа для мужчин и мужского для женщин, профессиональный макияж и работа стилиста, уроки по макияжу. Шоппинг-сопровождение или содействие в покупке одежды. Студийные и интерьерные фотосессии в образе, фотопрогулки по городу, фоторепортажи с вечеринок и тематических событий. Queer Studio «Tema» is first dressing service studio in Russia, aiming to provide professional beauty, style and image services exclusively for transgenders. Shop. Studio works with transvestites, transsexuals, crossdressers and other people of non-traditional sexuality. Our studio is glad to offer dressing services, creation of female image for men and male image for women, professional make-up and stylist services, make-up lessons, escorted shopping trips and clothes shopping assistance, studio and interior photoshoots en-femme (or made up by our makeup artist), photo walks around the city, photographic coverage of partys and thematical events. On our site you can find popular science articles about gender, queer theory or get a professional psyhologist advice. fotografo bogota